Muhammad Al Misned





Real Estate Expert.  









Over an impressive career, Muhammad Al Misned has proven to be a visionary architect and real estate expert, while becoming known as an expert negotiator, adviser and lecturer. Below are outlined some of
Mr. Al Misned's most prominent projects which have lead to his international success across the business world.

$2bn USD

Total Value

Barwa Commercial Avenue; in collaboration with Hochtief

$1.7bn USD

Total Value

Barwa City; in collaboration with Billfinger

$1.5bn USD

Total Value

Finance District; in collaboration with Bouygues

$2.5bn USD

Project Value

Monaco beach expansion: created the file which allowed Barwa to execute the project

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy; as chairman of Ocean Advisory and Consulting W.L.L., provided advisory services on investments related to the 2022 FIFA World Cup

$1.5bn USD

Total Value

Qatar Petroleum, created a housing infrastructure; acting as private official transport provider for employees and subsidiaries for a 20 year period

$600m USD

Total Value

Barwa Village; in collaboration with Marbu

$300m+ USD

Annual Value

Segdwick; assisting the State of Qatar with domestic and international projects on health care, providing financial advice on increasing quality of care in Qatar and handling Qatari patients receiving medical treatments in the United States

$200m USD

Total Value

Belarus Mariott; mastering and managing the resort project for the Qatar Government

From real estate expertise to colossal claim negotiating, Mr. Muhammad Al Misned's portfolio is one showing a wide skillset and strong business acumen, proven by his long and varied career, which began after graduating in Architectural Engineering with a major in Project Management from the University Of Colorado Boulder in 1992. 

Combining architectural, construction and transportation expertise, Mr. Al Misned has become sponsor and partner in some of Qatar's foremost grand-scale projects.

Mr. MuhammadAl Misned

Colossal Claims Negotiator

Involved with mediations between government and diverse companies to ensure smooth and mutually beneficial settlement of claims and variation orders.


Arranging financing for numerous companies based on EPP/PPP contracts. 

Connecting foreign companies with local authorities to ensure the contracts are successfully executed.

Real Estate Expert and Advisor

Owner of several Real Estate companies with diversified portfolios and partner in a number of prestigious international companies in Qatar.

Chief Executive Officer, Qatar Real Estate Company

Management of many vast construction projects in the local market, overseeing their development, lease and sale, amounting to $5bn USD.