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Muhammad Al Misned


Architect, Visionary, Influencer, Lecturer, Real Estate Expert, Negotiator, Adviser, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian.

From real estate expertise to colossal claim negotiating, Mr. Muhammad Al Misned’s portfolio is one showing a wide skillset and strong business acumen, proven by his long and varied career, which began after graduating in Architectural Engineering with a major in Project Management from the University Of Colorado Boulder in 1992. 


Combining architecture expertise with that of construction and transportation, Mr. Al Misned has become sponsor and partner in some of Qatar’s foremost grand-scale projects, including the Petroleum District and its Rail and Metro systems. He has also thrived in the supervision of the land and maintenance program for Qatari Embassies.


Mr. Al Misned’s work has its foundations in guiding Qatar’s most important national projects to fruition, but he has also masterfully executed the development of multiple international projects and successfully led in mediation between governments and corporations.


Spanning both the domestic and international spheres, Mr. Al Misned has worked closely with many companies including Deutsche Bahn, DAFG, Bouygues, Vinci, Marbu, Leonardo, Electronica, “A” Grade construction companies, CAMCE, Hochtief, Streif, Billfinger, Porr Qatar, Onsite, Airlink, Fuge, Prodea and Virgin.


Not one for all work and no play, Mr. Al Misned has made time to enjoy his passions outside of his businesses. Since 2007, he has been chairman of the Al Khor Football Club and is also become patron of the Librtha Heritage Center’s elite competition for falconry. 

Educating the youth of tomorrow has always been a priority, so it was only natural that Mr. Al Misned would found and become chairman of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), based in Qatar. Continuing this link between Germany and Qatar, he has recently been elected Vice President of DAFG – Berlin’s German Arab Friendship Association. 


In terms of encouraging healthy lifestyles, Mr Al. Misned promotes organic farming throughout the community and is personally involved with farming fruits, vegetable and livestock. 


Humanitarianism is close to Mr. Al Misned’s heart and is passionate about supporting Syrian orphans and refugees and sponsoring students with scholarships through Texas A&M to provide a quality education and the opportunity for a better and brighter future.

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