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Muhammad Al Misned


curriculum vitae

Colossal Claims Negotiator

Involved with mediations between government and diverse companies to ensure smooth and mutually beneficial settlement of claims and variation orders.

Arranging financing for numerous companies based on EPP/PPP contracts. 

Connecting foreign companies with local authorities to ensure the contracts are successfully executed.

Influencer and educator with the goal of raising business and market awareness amongst international and domestic establishments.


Real Estate Expert and Advisor

Owner of several Real Estate companies with diversified portfolios and partner in a number of prestigious international companies in Qatar.


Chief Executive Officer, Qatar Real Estate Company

Management of many vast construction projects in the local market, overseeing their development, lease and sale, amounting to $5bn USD.

Deputy Manager, First Finance Company

Responsible for overall management and business operations of the company.

Foreign Project Manager, Qatar Islamic Bank
1997- 2000

Supervision of construction projects related to setting up a network of Qatar Embassies abroad, including the land acquisition and later relevant maintenance program and schedule.


Project Engineer, Qatar Armed Forces

Project Engineer responsible for payments and on going tenders.

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